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Save Our Seas Shark Centre Helps Raise Funds for Sikhanyiso

30th January 2009

An off-duty lifeguard, Sikhanyiso Bangilizwe, 26, was killed by what the Natal Sharks Board says was a Bull shark while body-surfing at Second Beach in Port St Johns on Saturday.

Wavescape  have formed a donation fund to raise money for his family and we at the Save Our Seas Shark Centre have donated R2500 to this fund. We extend our condolences to Sikhanyiso’s family.

To find out more and to make a donation for Sikhanyiso’s family go to http://www.wavescape.co.za/sharks/port-st-johns-shark-death.html

While this is a terrible tragedy it is important to remember that deaths by sharks are less than 5 per annum.

Shark Safety Tips:
Following these guidelines can further reduce the small risk of being bitten:

  • Don’t swim, surf or surf-ski when birds, dolphins or seals are feeding nearby.
  • Don’t swim in deep water beyond the breakers.
  • Don’t swim, surf or surf-ski on your own or at night.
  • Don’t swim if you are bleeding.
  • Don’t swim near river mouths.
  • Don’t swim, surf or surf-ski near trek-netting, fishing or spear fishing activities.
  • Don’t dive for rock lobster using a baiting bag.

If a shark has recently been sighted in an area where no shark spotters are present, use another beach.

First time visitors to beaches should ask local law enforcement official, life guards or locals about the area.

Obey beach officials if told to leave the water.

For those kayaking, surfing or surf-skiing far out to the sea, consider paddling in groups and staying close together.

Consider using a personal shark shield when surf-skiing, surfing or kayaking.

Pay attention to shark signage and flags on beaches.

Till later,

Lesley Rochat
Executive Manager, SOSSC