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SASC Bull Shark Expedition – SOSF Lends a helping hand

6th April 2009

A bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas) named Nyami nyami (after the Zambezi river god) grabbed media headlines a few weeks ago because it set two records: namely she is recorded as the world record (4 m) size bull shark and secondly because she was caught in an estuary 400 km further south than the previous area bull sharks are known to occur. SOSF funded the latest expedition and a pop-up archival satellite tag and Morne’ and I were there to lend a hand.

To read more about this unique research project go to: www.sharkconservancy.org and for recent news on our expedition last week go to www.sascblog.blogspot.com

Nyami nyami suspected of biting large fish in half. Photo: Alison Towner