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Researchers Start Social Science Shark Collaborative

11th July 2011

Save Our Seas Foundation project leader Christopher Neff and colleagues have announced a new collaborative group aimed at connecting researchers in the humanities and social sciences interested in sharks and human-shark studies. Chris writes:

The goal of the collaborative is to offer the chance for those in the social sciences and humanities to network, discuss their ideas and work together. A description of the fields of study this group will cover is below.

There are already a great many existing shark lists, and this is not intended to duplicate ongoing conversations.

We look forward to encouraging a strong research environment, while also building on the excellent relationships and work being done by natural scientists around the world. If you are an academic interested in social sciences and humanities research on sharks, we hope you will consider joining the group and list. Any questions can be sent to: christopherneff@gmail.com

About the Social Science Shark Collaborative:

The Social Science Shark Collaborative (SSSC) is a network of academic students and researchers whose study includes the inter-disciplinary aspects of the human-shark relationship. These include studies on the history of sharks and people (history); public perceptions of sharks (media and communication); artistic portrayals of sharks (music and art); human-wildlife conflict management (public policy); socio-economic values of sharks (political economy); shark attack studies (risk management/psychology); documentary studies (film and television); general tourism (economics); and shark conservation (conservation science/political science).

How to join:

* Group name: Social Science Shark Collective
* Group home page: http://groups.google.com/group/social-science-shark-collective
* Group email address social-science-shark-collective@googlegroups.com