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Rescue of Southern Giant Petrel at Dalebrook

23rd July 2009

Rescued Giant Petrel

About two months ago, the Shark Centre team rescued this elegant pelagic seabird, who had an injured wing, on the rocks at Dalebrook and Verona took him to the False Bay Veterinary Clinic (Tel No.: 021 788 1172). Dr Liam Bebbington kindly attended to him at no cost and arranged for SANCCOB to collect him. Thank you Liam for your kindness in rendering your services to this beautiful bird. Whilst at the launch and opening of the Shark Embassy in Kleinbaai on Saturday 18 July, Verona was informed by Margaret Roestorf, the new Marketing & Fundraising Co-coordinator of SANCCOB, that the petrel was rehabilitated and released recently. Thank you to SANCCOB for the wonderful rescue work. It made us feel so good and so rewarded to hear this good news and we realize that our efforts do make a difference! Please note that SANCCOB (Tel No.: 021 557 6755) not only works with African penguins, but also regularly receives other seabirds, including pelagic seabirds for rehabilitation.