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New Shark Free Marina Initative Website

18th May 2009

Today – Tuesday the 18th May 2009, marks the official launch of an initiative that the Cape Eleuthera Institute is very proud to be a part of.  The new website for the shark free marinas initiative is now live and you can see it at www.sharkfreemarinas.com. The shark free marina initiative is a voluntary association of resorts and marinas who have taken notice of the threatened status of many species of shark, and have now banned the landing of any dead animals.

The goal of the shark free marina’s initiative is to reduce some of the 391,800 sharks caught and killed by recreational anglers in the US every year, most of which are utilized for nothing more than a set of jaws on the wall and a couple of photographs.

The initiative is not seeking to curtail the recreational fishing of sharks, but instead to work collaboratively with recreational fishermen to encourage catch and release.

Please visit www.sharkfreemarinas.com