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New issue of Save Our Seas magazine

8th December 2014

The second issue of Save Our Seas magazine is out this month, featuring contributions by Thomas Peschak, Nick Pilcher, Demian Chapman, Sonja Fordham, Eleanor Yeld Hutchings, Rima Jabado and others. Stories in this new issue include:

Sharks for sale – Some of the world’s biggest shark fisheries operate at landing sites along the coast of the Arabian Sea. Rima Jabado describes the complexities of shark conservation in this poorly understood region.

The Story of TED – For the past decade, Nick Pilcher has been working to save turtles from being caught as by-catch in Malaysia. He reflects on his experiences advocating for the use of turtle exclusion devices on fishing vessels.

Back from the bring – A solo expedition back in time with Jeanne Mortimer, the Seychelles’ most prolific turtle conservationist, who started her mission to save these gentle reptiles by living with hunters on the remote Outer Islands.

Check out the magazine for these, and many more fascinating accounts from the front lines of marine conservation. You can digitally subscribe to the Save Our Seas magazine for free on both Zinio and Issuu, as well as through our free iPhone app.