Ocean News

Marine Week at the SOSSC

20th October 2009

Marine Week, the climax of the Marine Month 2009, was a delight as the 269 youngsters and 13 educators, got to grips with the message – “From the Oceans, to Climate, to Fauna and Flora”. This theme is very important in connecting the realities of our environment for the students. Studying nature means understanding all these aspects and in particular understanding the various terms relating to Diversity such as species, populations, habitats and adaptation. We used visual displays and physical specimens to achieve our goal, and the learners got up close and personal as never before.

Two groups were put through a variety of lessons – including Re-Think the Shark, Rocky Shores and The Food Web game. Zanele kept up a production line of muffins and juice for hungry tummies.

Lindy Warren
18 October 2009.

As a new member of staff, it was an awesome experience to be educating nearly 300 learners from areas of Cape Town we have not reached before. Save our Seas Shark Centre continues to provide curriculum based, hands -on interactive environmental education to young learners for whom, it was a first encounter. To witness these youngsters from grades 4 – 7, shouting at the top of their voices, ‘Save our Sharks’ and others, carefully holding a starfish, are scenes that remain with you, long after the train has departed. Thanks to all the staff at the SOSSC, especially my fellow colleagues Lindy and Michael.

The City of Cape Town continues to show their commitment to Environmental Education of our marginalized learners through the YES programme and Metrorail’s Chaperone Services played their part in making National Marine Week at Save our Seas Shark Centre a resounding success.

Terry Corr
20 October 2009

From 12th to 16th October, a total of 4 large groups of children visited the Shark Centre. In groups numbering 50 to 60, students of various ages were brought to the centre by the City of Cape Town as part of their Youth Environment School (YES) programme. All groups travelled to Kalk Bay by train and spent three hours with us as part of National Marine Week 2009.

On Saturday 17th, 39 learners from the Sakunlandela Saturday School arrived, for their Marine Week excursion. This was made possible by sponsorship from SELI and the Cape Town Kite and Windsurfing Club.

In the past 18 months, groups of 60 learners have paid regular visits to the SOS Shark centre. This has been facilitated by the partnership between the SOSSC, The City of Cape Town’s YES programme and Metrorail. We have developed lessons and activities that cater for the needs of these groups and provide them with a fun and educational experience.

We aim to meet the challenges of varying ages, social background, literacy and knowledge levels as well as linking our teaching with the school curriculum. The weather and tides at time ensure we are kept on our toes and we integrate the relevant topical issues.

Emphasis was placed on making learners aware of what they can do to help preserve sharks by looking after the smaller creatures in the food chain; understanding the affects of Pollution and active participation – taking responsibility for their environment.

It is always a pleasure to see these children enjoying themselves and learning about how very important the small creatures are. It is the real message of hope that creates for a great learning adventure.

Michael Carnegie