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Malaysian TED Delegation Visits the US

18th June 2012

Nicholas Pilcher heads up the Sea Turtle Conservation project in Sabah, Malaysia, and he has been posting some great updates from a recent Malaysian Fisheries Delegation on Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs) to the US. Turtle Excluder Devices are fitted to fishing nets to allow Turtles that are caught to escape. This is an important invention as fishing nets are a major cause of sea turtle mortality. Check out Nick’s daily updates here:

Day 1 – The other side of the world is far, far away!
Day 2 – An introduction to the US TED program.
Day 3 – Building a TED from scratch!
Day 4 – Testing the TEDs with turtles at sea.
Day 5 – What makes an effective TED configuration? It’s all about angles.
Day 6 – Examining video and data results from the trials.
Day 7 – Wrapping up!

For more information about the Malaysian TEDs program, check out the SOSF project page and MRF Asia’s website.