Ocean News

Long Time Coming!

6th April 2009

Wow – its been a long time since I last posted – the very end of November last year in fact.  The intermediate months between then and now have seen huge numbers of happenings at the cape including our first greater hammerhead and bull shark during the winter sampling season, a new group of Island School students to guide through their research program, a visit from the SOSF film crew and an new round of funding applications – just to name a few of them!

The winter sampling season was challenging with long periods of terrible windy weather interspersed with brief periods of relative calm when we could actually get out on the water.  As such, when the weather was good I nearly killed my crew with early starts and late nights trying to cram as much sampling as possible.  The reward of the early mornings was numerous dolphin encounters at sunrise on the way to the sample sites, one of my crew even saw a big male hunt and take a fish from out from under a small patch reef.

We are just getting spring sampling season underway now, the last season in this cycle of research and it is my new seasons resolution to bring you all past and future happenings here at the cape.  Stay posted!