Ocean News

London Aquarium

7th April 2009

The London Aquarium (LA) is in a fantastic location at the very heart of London and receives hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, including school groups on a daily basis. LA is committed to marine conservation, running its own projects and also putting a lot of effort into educating its visitors as to the importance of preserving the marine environment.

Over the past few months, the aquarium has undergone a major re-vamp, with lots of new exhibits and displays being installed. SOSF has had a great affiliation with the aquarium for a couple of years, and now we’ve been give the opportunity to expand upon this affiliation by installing educational displays in two different rooms.

One is a children’s lunch room that will feature some of the cartoon characters that appear in our books and educational materials. The other room will host a collection of Tom Peschak’s fantastic images, and will also have a TV screen that will loop some of our video content. This is a really great opportunity to get our message out to visitors to the aquarium.

Jon Trusler has been working with Dinusha deSylva, head educator at the aquarium to get the rooms together in time for the opening, which was last night. Getting everything finished came right down to the wire, feeling much like an episode of ‘Changing Rooms’ towards the end of the day!

A massive thank-you to Dinusha for all of her hard work with getting the rooms together, and of course to the London Aquarium for allowing us the opportunity to develop this great affiliation, we look forward to seeing the rooms being utilized and further developed.

We’ve been doing some filming of the development of the rooms as they’ve been put together, a short video will be up on the site soon, alongside more images and information about the displays.