Ocean News

Lesley Took a Break to Dive with Tiger Sharks

7th March 2008

Recently Lesley managed to escape us and the mayhem at The Save Our Seas Shark Centre in Kalk Bay and headed off to Durban for meetings related to future education and awareness projects. She joined Blue Wilderness Diving Expeditions in Durban who focus on shark ecotourism.

Lesley had absolutely wonderful diving and the surprise highlight of the excursion was that on the return boat trip, two whale sharks were spotted. Naturally, Les was overboard in a flash with the rest of the crew and fantastic photo opportunities were grasped by all. Thanks to Simon De Waal for the image above.

We would like to thank Mark and Gail for their passion, integrity, professionalism and kindness.

To read more about Mark & Gail, please go to www.bluewilderness.co.za