Ocean News

Hook line and sinker

8th September 2008

Ah London…..  home of Dickens, Mary Poppins, black cabs, red buses, me…….. And now: woman with giant hooks stuck into her back! This story comes courtesy of one of our sharp eyed SOSF staff, and though I’m not a squeamish chap, I do find it a little hard to look at directly at this young lady.

She’s put herself in this particular predicament in the window of a London shop window to draw attention to the 100 million sharks (yes, it’s true, 100 million or thereabouts) that are estimated to be killed each year. Her protest was done in conjunction with Lush Cosmetics and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Well, OK, whatever it takes to get the message out I guess? Obviously The Floating Point supports their cause wholeheartedly, but still…………Ow!