Ocean News

Happy 2012!

2nd January 2012

This whole year has been an extraordinary adventure for both of us.

When we started working for the Save Our Seas Foundation in January, we hardly knew what to expect. Of course we had read about the Foundation’s fantastic conservation work, but we only discovered its true power, the Save Our Seas dedicated project leaders, during the past year. They are the people in the field who make it all happen!

Ocean conservation is not easy. Raising public awareness through research and education is a long-term process. But we’ll get there, step by step. This year has already brought several successes: An international status for giant manta rays, Historic protection for mantas in the Maldives, Shark finning bans imposed and loopholes closed, Shark sanctuary declared for the Marshall Islands, SOSF scientific advisor Nicholas Pilcher was honoured by the IUCN for his great work… We are extremely proud and happy that Save Our Seas has contributed to these achievements.
The Save Our Seas Foundation and Save Our Seas supported project leaders were featured in countless magazines, websites and in documentaries.

And we had the wonderful opportunity to educate many young and old people, showing them the beauty of the oceans and its creatures.

We herewith want to express our profound gratitude for all the support we received during this last year. We will continue our work , and hope to achieve even more in the coming year. To Save Our Seas!

Peter Verhoog and Georgina Wiersma