Ocean News

Grade 12 Students Volunteer at Shark Centre

17th April 2008

Once again, the week has flown by at a truly hectic pace. Cheryl-Samantha Owen is back in town, the planning for the launch has now kicked into high gear and the centre is absolutely buzzing with activity.

Today was also the first of a two day stint with us for four Grade 12 students from Bergvliet High School. Amy Kemp, Liam Crowe, Kyle Harris and Jared Gobey are to spend two days working with us for their Community Service Practical, which forms part of their Life Orientation Studies at school.

They have worked incredibly hard today, doing everything from painting to plastering, cleaning to gardening, and most other duties in between. It is very refreshing to experience such enthusiasm and potential in four young adults, and I hope that they all will become a regular part of our volunteer team and grow with us.