Ocean News

Finny Visits the Micronesian Island of Pohnpei

30th April 2012

Time to pack our kits: 1000 shark books, prizes and shark outfits, and fly to the enchanting island of Pohnpei and meet more than 650 fifth graders in various schools around the island. Tova Harel Bornovski, president of the Micronesian Shark Foundation, Timothy Oikong AKA Shark Ranger Tim, and Ken Tarkong AKA Finny flew last week to Pohnpei to continue the shark education program sponsored by Save Our Seas Foundation. With local support from Conservation Society Pohnpei – Mary-Linda Salvador and Angel Johnathan – the group went to 12 schools in Pohnpei and conducted the shark program with fifth graders. Based on the photos, it looks to have been a great success!