Ocean News

Fay Causing Some Hiccups

19th August 2008

So not much sharking has been happening recently – TS Fay has passed us to the west and is now beating up southern Florida.  She left behind some strong winds and fairly large seas making longline sampling impossible – but what can you do hey!  She has also been causing some more indirect problems in getting supplies down from Florida which could delay us some more.  It looks like it will be a race to the finish post to get all our sampling done by the end of the month!  Thirty sets so far and eighteen more to go!

Still it has given us time to catch up with gear repair and all the other things that fall by the wayside when we are out in the field.  It has give me an opportunity to start looking at the data we have gathered over the last two months which has been pretty cool.  I will post some preliminary results soon.