Ocean News

Edge of the map

9th March 2009

So we made it to the good ol’ US of A.

We flew in last night, and after clearing customs we drove from Miami to Palm Beach, on the east coast of Florida.  Last night we spent a night in a hotel, and now we’re on board the Shearwater.

Tonight we’ll leave the dock and we’ll wake up in the Bahamas, check in with Bahamian customs, and then we’ll finally be ready to get on with finding some great hammerheads. This afternoon was spent loading food, bait, and diving gear, as well as prepping cameras. Its great being on the shearwater again, with Jim Abernethy and his fantastic crew.

There are few diving operations in the world that are as professional, experienced and hard working as Jim’s, so we’re really privileged to be here.  I was on the boat last in 2007, when we were filming tiger sharks with Jim, so its about time we’re heading back out to sea with him again.

Our destination is a dive spot nicknamed ‘edge of the map’. This is a place that Jim has discovered through his many years exploring the length and breadth of the Bahamas. Its proved to be one of the only places in the Caribbean (for that matter, the world) where great hammerheads can regularly be encountered. I’m excited to see the place.

Back to the gear now. Some prep sill to do.