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Dust and drilling, walls and doors!!!

20th February 2008

Construction continues against the clock to have the centre ready for the launch, the edit suite is now being seperated from the office (above) which will become the home of White Shark Field-Researcher Alison Kock., and the progress continues on the shop. (top)

The team of divers from SOSSC (Alison Kock), Shark Diving Unlimited (Michael Rutzen & Morne’ Hardenberg) & TMNP (Riaan Boshoff & Demetri) has completed this round of diving of 28 dives in 2 weeks. Conditions ranged from bad to worse as divers basically had to swim into monitors located on the seafloor in Strandfontein and Macassar to be able to find them due to the poor water visibility. To add to the excitement of diving in 0 viz conditions, data retrieved from one of these monitors the day before showed that white shark presence is still relatively high in these areas and that there was a 3.3 meter tagged female shark (called Rosy) in the area while the divers were underwater. Luckily these divers are used to diving with particularly large sharks and weren’t too perturbed. ‘Rosy’ was tagged in January of 2007 and is well known to us. She is so-called because of a distinctive white colouration pattern on both side of her dorsal fin.