Ocean News

Cleaning the rocky shores

11th September 2010

Located on one of the most western shores of Ireland is a stony beach called "Ceann Doolin". The name has its origin in the gaelic language, which is still spoken in this remote part of Ireland. Ceann Doolin can be translated as "head of the black stones" and refers to the round stones and boulders found on the beach. Unfortunately like many other beaches worldwide we find not only round stones or sand on the sea shore, but all kinds of other unwanted items. From used toothbrushes, to pieces of fishing nets and plastic bottles in all shapes and colours.

For the past 3 years a group of volunteers, supported by the Save Our Seas Foundation, has organised an annual beach clean-up here at Ceann Doolin. At this year’s session more than 20 large bags of rubbish were collected and disposed of properly. It was great to see so many younsters turning up to help to save our seas. It is local events such as these which can make a real difference to our oceans.