Ocean News

Chris Clarke visits SOS Shark Centre

24th March 2008

After the exciting experience of releasing another shark the new week brought with it a set of different challenges: builders and interior designers moving slower than I would like, plumbers being fired, painters painting the house the wrong colour, and much more.

The highlight was a visit to the Centre by Chris Clarke, Executive Director of the Save Our Seas Foundation. I was initially apprehensive to show Chris the house, the decisions I’ve made to break down walls, re-arrange rooms, move this, get rid of that, etc. – after all he last saw the building in pristine condition and now it looks like a building site! Much relieved, Chris took it all with aplomb and seemed well pleased with our progress. But the days are ticking at a pace that leaves me having sleepless nights – we only have about 8 weeks left before we have our grand opening and first international shark conference and I’m still sitting behind a hired desk and deciding whether the chairs of the boardroom table have wheels or not!

To escape the pressure Chris took Dr Leonard Compagno, Chief Scientist of SOSSC, Alison Kock, Marine Biologist and field researcher of SOSSC, and myself to lunch. Thanks Chris, and most of all for the support! Here we are together at the entrance of the SOSSC with our lucky black cat we’ve adopted and named Panther