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Call For World’s Largest Shark Sanctuary

9th August 2011

Promising news for sharks – two weeks ago, leaders at the 15th Micronesian Chief Executive Summit passed a resolution (PDF) to begin the process of creating a regional sanctuary where shark fishing would be prohibited. The agreement, which also authorizes the development of a regional ban on the possession, sale and trade of shark fins, covers the waters of the Federated States of Micronesia and its four member States, The Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Republic of Palau, the Territory of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands – a total size of over 2 million square miles.

The Micronesian resolution is the largest, and most recent, example of a growing realization that sharks are in serious trouble and require immediate protection. The resolution follows similar steps taken earlier this summer by Honduras and the Bahamas.