Ocean News

BeachReach 2022

10th March 2022

The Save Our Seas Foundation (SOSF) has been a proud sponsor of the Wavescape Festival for over ten years. By partnering with Wavescape, we can raise awareness about our oceans and the various threats to sharks. The foundation has regularly found creative ways to engage with the local ocean-loving communities in Cape Town during the event to help foster healthy attitudes towards sharks.

This year, we were excited to bring back our outreach beach event, Save Our Seas Foundation’s BeachReach, which brought together our Shark Education Centre and SOSF partners Shark Spotters, for a fun-filled day of interactive learning with the youth from The 9Miles Project in False Bay, Cape Town.

The children from 9Miles Project and their facilitators. Photo by Frances Weiner | © Save Our Seas Foundation.

Rocky shores talks

The Shark Education Centre team give lessons about the rocky shore habitats of False Bay. Photos by Jade Shultz | © Save Our Seas Foundation.

Exploring the Dalebrook Marine Protected Area intertidal zone

Left & Middle: Photo by Frances Weiner. Right: SOSF CEO, James Lea, showing the kids a pair of pyjama shark egg cases with live baby sharks inside. Photo by Kelli Whitehead | © Save Our Seas Foundation

The Shark Spotters team educating and entertaining the children

Photos by Frances Weiner | © Save Our Seas Foundation.

Exploring the Shark Education Centre


Photos by Frances Weiner | © Save Our Seas Foundation.

The BeachReach event aimed to teach the 9 Miles Project children to love sharks instead of fear them while creating future custodians for our oceans through specially designed games and activities, with the help of our Shark Education Centre and the Shark Spotters. By engaging with new places and learning in meaningful and fun ways, we believe that these kids will begin to love their oceans, building the desire to protect them.

Thank you to the Shark Education Centre, Shark Spotters and the 9Miles Project for making this such an incredible day for all.