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As seen on TV – the crazy world of quotas

13th August 2008

Although fishing quotas are something to be discussed at a later date and in more detail, The FP thought it should still draw your attention towards this unfortunately very believable piece of footage which has been picked up by several UK and Norwegian news outlets. It shows a UK based fishing vessel tipping 80% of its catch overboard in UK waters after returning from fishing in Norwegian seas.

This practice of dumping is nothing new, but video footage of the event is; all sides seem to blame the EU fishing quota system along with the market price for certain fish which often results in boats dumping their catch if they have no quota for it, or alternatively "high-grading" their load i.e. getting rid of their present catch to make room for more valuable fish yet to be caught.

Anyway, like I say, an unfortunately common occurrence which is sure to be discussed again within these pages.