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Announcing Reef Sharks and Coral Reefs at ICRS 2012

26th July 2011

In July 2012, the 12 th ICRS will welcome over 2,500 delegates from around to world to the tropical city of Cairns, Australia, to attend 1,500 talks and posters presenting the latest research on the world’s coral reefs. The Reef Sharks and Coral Reefs mini-symposium will focus on research into the ecological roles of reef sharks in coral reef ecosystems; the environmental, biological, ecological and behavioural factors affecting the strength and dependence of these interactions; techniques for studying reef shark ecology; and methods to monitor reef shark populations. The mini-symposium will also explore the implications of reef shark declines, and the ramifications of recent research for their conservation and management.

Registration opens: 1 August 2011. Deadline for abstract submission: 1 February 2012. Early-bird registration closes: 1 March 2012. Click here to visit the website for the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium.