Ocean News

An Introduction

25th November 2008

Welcome to the new SOS HD productions blog. I want to use this first post to introduce myself and explain what I’ll be using this blog for.

What do I do?

I’ve been working for SOSF as a camera operator for around four years now, I’m originally from Didcot in Oxfordshire, and had my first experiences on scuba at the age of twelve. I was given my big break into the industry by SOSF around four years ago.

My work involves documenting the underwater realm, as well as filming the research and awareness initiatives SOSF sponsors worldwide; from pioneering shark research in Fiji, Scotland, and Mexico, to educational road-shows for children in the UK.

To read more about me, go here; https://saveourseas.com/danbeecham

How often will I post?

This is new for me, so it’s difficult to say at this stage. Working hours can vary massively on a film shoot, sometimes you’re up at 5am every morning shooting sunsets, and some days you have bad weather and no animals, which means lots of frustrating, but sometimes very welcome downtime. I’m planning to post entries that will cover the ups and downs we experience on expeditions, and may also use this as a tool for recounting stories from past SOSF expeditions.

Also, not all of my time is spent on location, so I can’t imagine posting regular updates when I’m in the office going through receipts and doing other boring stuff like that!

Who will find this blog interesting?

I hope that other underwater photographers and filmmakers, both amateur and professional, will find something of interest here, I personally have found blogs of other underwater image-makers interesting reading, as life on expeditions can frequently take unexpected turns, for better or worse, that I can relate to. I also hope that people who are perhaps not necessarily underwater image-maker’s, but have an interest in the marine realm, diving, conservation, expeditions, or general filmmaking may also find something of interest here.

That’s it for now, a very boring first post I know, but keep reading as hopefully we’ll be heading out on some exciting expeditions soon, and I’ll keep you informed as to the our ups and downs we experience in the field.