Ocean News

A thankyou.

16th March 2009

It would not be possible gather images and video footage of sharks (which are essential tools in marine conservation) without exceptional individuals who have made it their life’s work to understand these animals; their behaviour, movements, and habitats. Jim Abernethy is one of these few individuals.

I meet a lot of people who are real ‘shark nuts’, but I’ve never met anyone with such genuine and contagious passion for sharks as Jim does. He’s been doing this so for so long and so successfully, that the worlds most accomplished and talented underwater photographers choose Jim as their guide when they come to the Bahamas to document sharks. In his own right, Jim is also an incredibly talented photographer. Take a look at some of his images here.

Of course a massive thankyou also goes to the entire crew of the Shearwater for all of their help, both on the boat and whilst we were diving, including lugging heavy cameras in and out of the water.

We couldn’t have been made more welcome or been looked after any better by everyone involved in the operation, we look forward to repaying the favour sometime soon.