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600 Rainbow Kids Join Global Day of Climate Action

26th October 2009

Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town, Saturday 24 October 2009.

As the helicopters filming the 350 action on Camps Bay beach buzzed overhead today, the excitement was fever pitch with teenagers running everywhere. What looked like organized chaos was actually a well orchestrated attempt to move everyone into position to form the symbolic 350 logo and capture it on film from the air.

Making their statement to the world, over 600 multi-cultured South African teenagers registered throughout the day at the Save our Seas tent to be part of the most important global environmental event the world has ever seen. Some placards read: ‘Zuma be a 350 boy’!

In partnership with Consider us, a UNEP initiative which aims to give the youth a say when it comes to their future, the SOS Shark Centre showed that they are serious about Climate Change and will use innovative, direct action to make a difference on the ground, or in the sea, whenever necessary.

Says Lesley Rochat, Director of Education & Awareness at SOS Shark Centre: “A big WELL DONE to Terry Corr, Michael Carnegie and the volunteer team, and thank you to our partners for making this such a great success. It was great to see such a wonderful turn out of children all pulling together for the cause.”