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Showcasing the largest, most ancient, most fascinating and most feared fish in the sea.


There are around 500 species of rays in our oceans, from filter feeding mobulids (mantas and mobulas) to spikey porcupine rays.

Our oceans

Showcasing some of the most beautiful and unique parts of our oceans, the animals that that live in them and the people that rely on them.

Sea turtles

Explore our favourite aquatic dinosaurs and learn about the threats that they face.

Marine Conservation Photography Grant

Interviews and highlights from the SOSF Marine Conservation Photography Grant, which aims to discover and support the world's most promising young conservation photographers.

Our campaigns

The Save Our Seas Foundation believes in sharing our love for sharks and changing people's perceptions about these majestic and vulnerable animals.


The Save Our Seas Foundation supports some of the most renowned and creative researchers and conservationists on the planet. This is where we share their stories, thoughts and ideas about the marine realm.

Public events

Videos and presentations from the public events we've been involved in, including the #lovefalsebay Speaker Evening during September 2015.


Videos and presentations from the conferences and symposia we've been involved in, including the third Southern African Shark and Ray Symposium.