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Since 2003, the Save Our Seas Foundation has funded more than 160 projects that not only research and conserve marine life around the world, but also make people aware of the richness of the oceans and educate those who earn their livelihoods from the sea about sustainability.

Browse the list of projects below to discover the projects and meet the project leaders we have been supporting.

Cape Town, South Africa

Shark Spotters

Cape Town is a city of ocean lovers – and great white sharks. But rather than eliminating these beautiful animals, the City has found a way of living with them. Shark Spotters are always on the lookout for sharks and warn beachgoers when one is approaching.

Canary Islands, Spain

Angel of the Canary Islands

The key objective of this project is to assess the conservation status of the angel shark Squatina squatina in the Canary Islands by engaging local recreational divers as a source of data. This information should guide future decisions to overcome…

Sabah, Malaysia

Fighting fish bombers

Fishing using explosives is severely destructive and illegal, but perpetrators are seldom prosecuted. Elizabeth is developing underwater listening devices that will alert rangers to the site of an explosion allowing them to catch bombers red-handed.

Mozambique and South Africa, southwest Indian Ocean

Refuges and risks: transboundary tiger sharks

The general aim of this project is to investigate the spatial and temporal scales of tiger shark movements and habitat use in relation to on-going threats in the south-west Indian Ocean region, with a focus on one of Africa’s largest…

Gansbaai, South Africa

White shark central

Alison is researching great whites in this hotspot of shark cage diving to uncover how the industry affects the animals’ behaviour and what other factors make Gansbaai the white shark capital of the world.

Southern Indian Ocean

Return to the unknown: discovering deep-sea sharks

Beneath the ocean’s surface are underwater mountains, the tops of which are isolated ecosystems where unique and diverse organisms evolve. Paul is one of the world’s few deep-sea shark explorers.