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Since 2003, the Save Our Seas Foundation has funded more than 160 projects that not only research and conserve marine life around the world, but also make people aware of the richness of the oceans and educate those who earn their livelihoods from the sea about sustainability.

Browse the list of projects below to discover the projects and meet the project leaders we have been supporting.

Bimini, Bahamas

Activities at the Shark Lab

Samuel, better known as Doc, has been studying sharks for 50 years. He discovered how sharks see and even gave us insights into how they think. He founded the Bimini Biological Field Station in 1990, and has been training and inspiring young shark researchers ever since.

Mozambique and South Africa, southwest Indian Ocean

Refuges and risks: transboundary tiger sharks

The general aim of this project is to investigate the spatial and temporal scales of tiger shark movements and habitat use in relation to on-going threats in the south-west Indian Ocean region, with a focus on one of Africa’s largest…

St Joseph Atoll, Seychelles

Baby sharks sharing space

Sharks don’t look after their babies, but they do choose a safe place to give birth. Ornella’s studies young blacktip reef and sicklefin lemon sharks in St Joseph’s lagoon to see how they get along while growing up together.

Cabo Delgado Province, North Mozambique

Keeping sharks and rays in the Quirimbas

Very little is known about the sharks and rays of this remote archipelago, but as the number fishermen here grows, these animals face increasing pressure. Isabel is establishing basic information about them and raising local awareness.


Creating conservation heroes

In the face of illegal logging, wildlife trafficking and habitat destruction, Equador’s park rangers have their work cut out for them. Through this training project, Daniela hopes to give the country’s marine park rangers an edge.


The manta code continues

Genetics are a powerful tool in the conservation arsenal. The Manta Trust is collecting samples from vulnerable manta rays all over the globe, and genetic analyses will help us to correctly identify species and discover which populations are most in trouble.

British Columbia, Canada

Great Bear LIVE

The Great Bear Rainforest, one of the planet’s few remaining wilderness areas, is frequented by an abundance of marine mammals. Diana wants to share this unique place with the world by live-streaming video from underwater cameras.

North Atlantic Ocean

Makos: nomads of the high seas

Shortfin makos are the gold medalists of the shark world. They jump the highest, swim the fastest and cover marathon distances in the open ocean. David is exploring how their Olympian lifestyles overlap with commercial fishing fleets.

Western Madagascar

Seeking Madagascar’s sawfishes

Based in one of the world’s most unusual and unexplored ecosystems, Ruth aims to unravel the mystery of Madagascar’s sawfishes. Which species are present? What threats do they face? Can communities be convinced to protect them?