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Since 2003, the Save Our Seas Foundation has funded more than 160 projects that not only research and conserve marine life around the world, but also make people aware of the richness of the oceans and educate those who earn their livelihoods from the sea about sustainability.

Browse the list of projects below to discover the projects and meet the project leaders we have been supporting.


The manta code continues

Genetics are a powerful tool in the conservation arsenal. The Manta Trust is collecting samples from vulnerable manta rays all over the globe, and genetic analyses will help us to correctly identify species and discover which populations are most in trouble.


The Watermen Project

Cabo Delgado Province, North Mozambique

Keeping sharks and rays in the Quirimbas

Cape York peninsula, Australia

Sawfish safehouse

Northern Australia is one of the last strongholds for largetooth sawfish and it is an important home for other endangered species too. Barbara is investigating the role of sawfish within the ecosystem and working with citizen scientists to raise awareness about this critical habitat.

False Bay, South Africa

White sharks matter

False Bay is home to one of the world’s largest white shark populations and a growing human community. This creates a number of challenges for both people and sharks. Alison is finding out how these apex predators shape the bay and what would happen if they disappeared.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Sharks in the birthplace of evolution

Nearly 200 years after Darwin arrived at Galapagos, Euan and his team are exploring the shark communities of this fabled archipelago. They are also running programmes to inspire local communities to protect sharks within the islands’ marine reserve.

Southern Indian Ocean

Return to the unknown: discovering deep-sea sharks

Beneath the ocean’s surface are underwater mountains, the tops of which are isolated ecosystems where unique and diverse organisms evolve. Paul is one of the world’s few deep-sea shark explorers.