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Since 2003, the Save Our Seas Foundation has funded more than 160 projects that not only research and conserve marine life around the world, but also make people aware of the richness of the oceans and educate those who earn their livelihoods from the sea about sustainability.

Browse the list of projects below to discover the projects and meet the project leaders we have been supporting.

Panama and Dominican Republic

Shark skin time travel

St Joseph Atoll, Seychelles

Baby sharks sharing space

Sharks don’t look after their babies, but they do choose a safe place to give birth. Ornella’s studies young blacktip reef and sicklefin lemon sharks in St Joseph’s lagoon to see how they get along while growing up together.

The Bahamas

Drone diaries of The Bahamas

The key objective of this project is to use a novel technique to assess the abundance and distribution of shark species in relation to human populations. We will generate baseline information for shark conservation on Abaco and refine a protocol…


The manta code continues

Genetics are a powerful tool in the conservation arsenal. The Manta Trust is collecting samples from vulnerable manta rays all over the globe, and genetic analyses will help us to correctly identify species and discover which populations are most in trouble.

Bimini, The Bahamas

Tracking Bimini’s sharks

To protect Bimini’s great hammerheads, we need to know where they go. With the help of a network of receivers, Tristan, director of the Bimini Biological Field Station, is recording and studying the movements of this shark and other species around the island.

Florida, USA

Where do tiny turtles go?

Sea turtles need a safe place to live during each of their life stages. To protect them, we need to know where they go. Jeanette has spent years learning how to tag hatchlings of different turtle species to discover their early travel destinations.

Cape Town, South Africa

Shark Spotters

Cape Town is a city of ocean lovers – and great white sharks. But rather than eliminating these beautiful animals, the City has found a way of living with them. Shark Spotters are always on the lookout for sharks and warn beachgoers when one is approaching.

Canary Islands, Spain

Angel of the Canary Islands

The key objective of this project is to assess the conservation status of the angel shark Squatina squatina in the Canary Islands by engaging local recreational divers as a source of data. This information should guide future decisions to overcome…