Why I choose to work with children

By Zanele Mayiya, 20th May 2020

Zanele Mayiya, Assistant Educator at the Shark Education Centre


Working with children is fun. I love that no single day at work is the same.


I meet children of different ages from many schools and backgrounds and I learn many lessons from them.


The children motivate me to be a better person as I share information with them. They are curious and ask many questions and I find myself looking for answers in books and on the Internet.

Zanele showcasing the delights of Dalebrook's rocky shores.

I admire their endless energy, honesty, creativity and flexibility. They make me a more knowledgeable person.


Children make me a healthier person when they are around me. I like playing with them and do fun exercises that keep us active and fit.


I always make sure that when they leave our Shark Education Centre, they are feeling strong and better than when they arrived. I know they are taking a lot of new information they absorbed, home to share with their families and friends.


Knowing that my job is to teach children about the ocean life; brings a huge smile to my face. I love it and can’t wait until the Shark Education Centre reopens and school groups return to visit us!