We are getting closer!

7th August 2015

The space that I have to work in in my office is dwindling. This may sound like a negative, but let me assure you, it is in fact very much a positive! The reason? Well, behind me is an ever-growing pile of exciting new exhibits that are being completed and delivered all the time now. And outside my office it is no different. The tank (and its surprise ‘starfish accessory’!) has been completely fixed up, plumbed and new cladding added; microscope benches have been installed; a big interactive has been set up in the foyer. The list goes on!

YELD HUTCHINGS eleanore - getting closer

Microscope bench.

YELD HUTCHINGS eleanore - getting closer

Starfish tank.

Things are really starting to take shape here, and the excitement is growing for the unveiling of the new Shark Education Centre!

Stay tuned!