Top 10 rock-pool finds

By Eleanor Yeld Hutchings, 15th May 2017

We are lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time on the rocky shores of the Dalebrook Marine Sanctuary in False Bay, South Africa. Even though we visit regularly, we quite often find creatures that we have never seen before! And then there are those that we see again and again, but are so awesome that they stay on my list of favourites.
Here, in no particular order, are my personal “top 10” rock-pool finds – often documented with just a fleeting photo:

  1. Juvenile leafy klipfish

    Juvenile leafy klipfish, Smithichthys fucorum.

  2. Albino Cape urchin

    Albino Cape urchin, Parechinus angulosus.

  3. Tuberculate cuttlefish

    Tuberculate cuttlefish, Sepia tuberculata.

  4. Shaggy sponge crab

    Shaggy sponge-crab, Dromidia hirsutissima.

  5. Variable sea hare

    Variable sea-hare, Aplysia juliana, with its mass of spaghetti-like eggs.

  6. Warty pleurobranch

    Warty pleurobranch, Pleurobranchaea bubala, with its lacy egg ribbon .

  7. Iridescent nudibranch (we never managed to take a photo of this one! But you can see some lovely photos here)
  8. Sea swallow

    Sea swallow, Glaucus atlanticus.

  9. Common octopus

    Common octopus, Octopus vulgaris, hiding under a rock.

  10. Toothed decorator crab

    Toothed decorator crab, Acanthonyx dentatus.

Why don’t you head down to the rocks at low tide to see if you can find these, or any other, interesting creatures?
Happy rock-pooling!