The Shark Centre goes Green!

20th February 2013

We all have a responsibility, whether we like it or not, to do our part in making our world a greener place.

The Shark Centre has been working on a recycling programme with the groups of school children visiting the centre. All rubbish generated during these visits is recycled where possible. As well as reducing waste, we also hope to instill awareness among the children who are all encouraged to recycle at school and at home.

In addition to this, we have now reduced our carbon emissions by replacing our current lighting with a more efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solution. All light bulbs in the Centre have now been replaced by LEDs, and according to Green Energy South Africa, we are saving 88% of our electricity consumption and reducing our CO2 emissions by 8.04 tons per annum!

A positive social responsibility initiative such as this is a small step towards saving our planet, and we encourage everyone to make a difference.