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Logan Benjamin

Logan Benjamin

Junior Educator

Logan grew up in the Cape Flats, just outside Cape Town. Growing up, Logan didn’t have many opportunities to explore the coastline. When the December holidays came around, she couldn’t wait to go to the beach! She participated in selection camps and was finally chosen to participate in a conservation leadership programme that lasted for seven years. Logan is highly passionate about the natural world, which she learned through reading books.

Through the programme, Logan learned about South Africa’s diverse natural beauty. She also had the opportunity to visit the Two Oceans Aquarium and observe how marine biologists were studying different marine species. Then, she decided to educate others about the same creatures that captured her imagination.

Logan believes that it is essential that we create opportunities for young people by teaching and influencing them and showing them what the natural world is about. By doing that, we create a better environment for everyone, whether educating them about marine life or simply about easy ways to discard waste responsibly.