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Lilian Ngotshane

Lillian Ngotshane


Lillian was born and raised in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, and attended a rural primary school near Middledrift. The nearest coast was almost two hours away by bus, so the village children would spend their free time playing in and around the local rivers. Lillian was a teenager when she saw the ocean for the first time. After completing secondary school, she started working as a seamstress in a local factory before moving to Cape Town in search of work. In 2015, she became the housekeeper for the SOSF-SEC and was soon a treasured member of the team. She is the hands and heart behind all the food that we prepare for visiting groups of schoolchildren.

When Lillian started working for the SOSF-SEC, she was afraid of sharks and would never venture into the sea. Thanks to her experiences with the organisation and exposure to the marine environment, including some snorkelling, she now not only ventures into the sea without fear, but loves all the sea creatures and wants to make sure that we take care of them all.