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Afikile Ndude

Afikile Ndude

Senior Educator

Originally from the Eastern Cape, I grew up in Cape Town in a small township on the Cape Flats. My love for the environment was kindled by the different activities I would do when visiting Mthatha in the Eastern Cape, such as vegetable gardening, working in the fields and even herding animals. When I became aware of the differences in climate and landscape between the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape I began to question a lot of things, which resulted in geography and natural sciences being my favourite subjects at high school. My very few visits to the sea limited my chances of learning and understanding the ocean and not much about it was covered in the curriculum.

My dream was to study further in natural sciences and qualify as a teacher so that I could answer questions for students that my teachers couldn’t answer for me. After Grade 12, I decided to study environmental sciences to understand more about the environment and what it means to take care of it, and then I went on to study for a Bachelor of Science Honours degree to get better insight into the development of environmental management policy and its compliance.

After graduation, my first work opportunity was in environmental conservation and education, with a focus on terrestrial and freshwater biodiversity. This opportunity allowed me to combine three passions: environment, education and people. The fact that 70% of the earth is ocean and that a large percentage of the population is made up of people who have no connection to it, or even realise the importance of this massive water body, is of great concern, which is why there is a need for education about marine conservation. I never expected to learn about the ocean – or teach others about it – until the opportunity to work for the Save Our Seas – Shark Education Centre presented itself. Now I am able to do my bit by educating people about the sea.