Southern African Shark & Ray Symposium 2019

By Wisaal Osman, 28th October 2019

The Southern African Shark & Ray Symposium (SASRS) is a biennial meeting of the academic community of Southern Africa who are conducting research on sharks and rays. The 5th Symposium was held from 7 to 9 October 2019 at the Two Oceans Aquarium under the theme: Elasmobranchs in the blue economy.

White shark. Photo © Stefan Pircher | Shutterstock

In a developing society, the establishment of a “blue economy”, the sustainable use of the ocean’s resources to ensure the growth and improvement of livelihoods is crucial. Hand-in-hand with this critical need is the need to conserve and protect the health of the marine ecosystem.

Symposium delegates.

Lecture sessions covered topics from Biology/Physiology; Genetics & Identification; to Fisheries and Sharks & Humans.

Teaching with shark artefacts. Photo by Francis Moult | © SOSF Shark Education Centre

It is important for the Shark Education Centre team to keep in touch with the scientific community and the latest research. Often these forays spark new and exciting ideas for lessons with our school groups.