Shark Log 3 July 2011

3rd July 2011

We did not observe any predatory activity and did not have any sharks visit the boat on anchor. Vertical visibility was 4 metres and water temperature was 13°C. Sea conditions had deteriorated with a large swell and South Easterly winds making it impossible to anchor on the Southern side of the island, where we had such good shark activity yesterday. It would be very interesting to determine if the sharks remain in the area or move out to other areas of the bay seeking refuge from the harsh conditions. On the way home we were very lucky to see our first Southern right whale of the season and a young albatross sitting on the water. Strong South easterly winds are forecast for the next week but hopefully we will be able to get back out to the island soon.

White shark cloud

White shark cloud

This cloud resembles a breaching white shark to us, do you agree?