Seashore activities with Enviro Eds

12th July 2011

The staff of SOSSC and EnviroEds (a Cape Town based environmental education organisation) together with a small but committed group of school teachers led a wonderful, fun-filled day along the False Bay coastline. The teenagers who participated in the outing were drawn from various township and Cape Flats schools, and were selected both because of their interest in the natural environment and their teacher’s sense that they’d be better off involved in a holiday programme like this than entertaining themselves in their own neighbourhoods.



As any visitor to Cape Town will testify, there is no shortage of beautiful coastline to explore. The reality, however, is that the constraints of time and money, as well as a growing alienation from things outdoor and natural, mean that most Capetonians get very few (if any) opportunities to experience the coast. So while we aimed to build the youngsters knowledge during this outing, our primary goal was to provide a rich experience of our natural, marine heritage.