Marine Explorers: First impressions of first-time divers

By Paul Millar, 5th June 2017

Our current group of Marine Explorers, all grade 5’s from Capricorn Primary School, have spent the last term building their confidence in the water and growing their love for the sea with weekly surf sessions. This has prepared them well for their next challenge – learning to skin dive and working towards their PADI skin diver certificate. After growing their skills and confidence under the guidance and training of Pisces Divers, with the support of UCT Underwater Club, the kids finally had their first ever underwater experience in the ocean. When asked how they felt before, during and after their first dive, this is what they had to say about it…

Before the dive…

Pisces Divers lead a pre-dive briefing on the beach.

“I felt nervous and I was very cold.” Bahati Khumalo

“I felt very excited.” Wayne Stuurman

“I felt nervous before I got in – I thought I was going to drown or a shark would come.” Yandile Mphambo

“I felt happy and excited to go diving.” Gerald Segeri

The Marine Explorers gear up for their dive.


During the dive…

A Marine Explorer discovers the world under the water.

“It was nice breathing through the snorkel.” Gerald Segeri

“I felt freezing and also amazing from what I saw in the water.” Fazlin Hendricks

“I felt a little scared.” Arlon Pretorius

“I felt excited looking at the animals in the ocean.” Bahati Khumalo

“ I saw an octopus, a starfish and a shy shark – it was fun in the water.” Yandisa Tengani

“I swam very slowly so I could see more animals.” Aiden Arendolph

His first dive in the kelp forest was all good for this Marine Explorer!


After the dive…

“My first dive was amazing – I enjoyed it.” Bahati Khumalo

“I was happy and excited!” Ayakha Mphambo

“I want to dive again – I was sad to leave the sea.” Phindile Bantwana

“I was veeeeeeeeerrrry excited!” Yandile Mphambo