June Holiday Club 2019

By Claire Metcalf, 22nd July 2019

The June holidays seem like a distant memory now that the kids have all gone back to school and the third term is in full swing. Looking back at the pictures from our June holiday club programme reminded me that learning can be fun! Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying learning through crafts and exploring the centre.

Repurposed canned foods tin decorated with shells to create a planter. Photo © SOSF Shark Education Centre

The first thing we made were these little planters using shells, tins and plants from our garden. We love seeing the results of the kids work. While we were planting we had a discussion about the importance of plants on the land and in the sea and the role they play in us having air to breath.

Recycled bottle jelly fish and spekboom planters. Photo © SOSF Shark Education Centre

The kids first made some jellyfish out of plastic bottles and we discussed ways in which we can use recycled materials for crafts.

Building a jelly jar. Photo © SOSF Shark Education Centre

This jelly jar was our “ocean” and was filled with jelly animals and sprinkles to illustrate micro-plastics which we ate. We then had discussion about how the plastics we put in the ocean eventually end up in our tummy. This is because animals that eat these plastics are eaten by us.

Making masks for the play. Photo © SOSF Shark Education Centre

On the second day we made paper masks and decorated them using the litter we collect on our outings to the beach. The children then put on plays which they invited their parents to watch.

Watching the plays. Photo © SOSF Shark Education Centre

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