International Coastal Clean-Up Day: 15 September 2018

By Wisaal Osman, 10th September 2018

In partnership with volunteer organizations around the globe, the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Clean-Up mobilizes individuals to have an immediate and tangible impact on the health of our ocean. It takes place on the 3rd Saturday of September each year, so that means it is on Saturday 15 September 2018.

Data spotlight - what was collected globally in 2017 © International Coastal Clean-Up | Ocean Conservancy

Volunteers remove TONNES of trash from beaches and waterways worldwide!

By participating in a clean-up, citizens become aware of the marine debris issue and develop a sense of stewardship for one of our planet’s greatest natural resources.

Top 10 items collected in 2017 © International Coastal Clean-Up | Ocean Conservancy

What can you do?

Participate in International Coastal Cleanup Day – you will be amazed and dismayed by the things you will find! There are a number of local clean-ups as part of ICC Day happening in Cape Town this weekend. Here are a few that you can join:

Kommetjie Coastal Cleanup Day

International Coastal Beach Clean Up, Sunrise Beach, Muizenberg

Trash Bash, Sunset Beach Blouberg

Make your Ocean Pledge today: promise our ocean that as often as you can, you’ll say “no thanks” to single-use plastics, and commit to making mindful choices for the sake of our marine life.

Pick Up Three! Each time you visit the beach, pick up three pieces of litter. The ocean and its creatures will be forever grateful.