Holiday fun!

19th July 2016

The winter school holidays are almost over, and we’ve had another successful holiday programme. Getting the balance between staying warm and dry indoors and embracing the wild Cape winter outdoors is inevitably a bit of a juggling act! Fortunately, the mixed weather we’ve had has ensured a healthy portion of both, as these pictures show…

Beach games!

“Feeding frenzy” beach races.

Fascinating rockpools

Exploring rock pools.

Getting creative with T shirts

Getting creative with t-shirt painting.

Meet the Chitons

A crazy collection of chitons.

Mixing it up

Mixing up our own salt dough.

Our turtle on Danger Beach

Sand sculpture turtle complete.

Quietly surveying limpet city

Contemplating low-tide limpets.

Sand sculpting

Working together to make a giant sand sculpture.