How to have fun while learning to surf

29th September 2016

Most people who surf do so because it’s fun. But it’s only fun as long as you are safe. The last post on this topic offered some suggestions on how to keep safe. Once you’ve absorbed these safety tips and appreciate that safety must always be the priority, it’s time to focus on the main objective of HAVING FUN!

10 Fun tips for beginner surfers

  1. Only surf in suitable beginner waves – being brutalised by powerful surf and dragged around over rocks is the opposite of fun! Avoid rocks!
  2. Choose the correct board – any surf shop or board-rental outlet can help with this.
  3. If surfing in colder water (like here in Cape Town) wear a decent wetsuit that fits you – this means a tight fit all over if possible. It’s hard to have fun w hen hypothermic!
  4. Take some time to admire the ocean and its beauty. This will help you to feel at ease.

    Set achievable goals!

    Set achievable goals!

  5. Don’t allow yourself to be frustrated by a lack of progress – the joy is in the journey! Set small, achievable goals (if any!), and make a conscious choice not to get frustrated.
  6. Sometimes, especially when the waves aren’t ideal, your board seems to behave like a disobedient, aggressive dog, determined to spoil your day. If this happens, ditch the board and go bodysurfing in the shallows for fun. Try again when you’re feeling happier!lying-down-is-fun-too
  7. If possible, learn to surf with a buddy – that way you get to laugh at each other.
  8. Take note of the weather and sea conditions – part of the fun is becoming dialled into the natural world. Every surf spot has its ideal combination of swell size and direction, tide and wind direction, and once you recognise this you’ll be excitedly checking forecasts more frequently than your inbox at work.
  9. Hang out at the beach. After your surf, take a few minutes to get warm, have a snack, watch the other surfers (experienced and beginners) and soak up the stoke!
  10. Keep it safe; safety and fun go together! The fun tends to stop soon after the danger begins.

its-fun-in-the-waterAs we’ve mentioned before, the extent to which surfing can be taught is somewhat limited, and a big part of the fun is just getting out there and literally finding your feet. But there are a few tips that can assist any beginner – in our next post on this topic, we’ll offer some tips on how to actually surf. Watch this space…