Camouflage Creatures

By Claire-Frances Metcalf, 16th August 2018

Camouflage is an adaptation that helps an organism blend in with its surroundings. Camouflage in the animal kingdom works in various forms. Organisms may use their ability to blend in for different reasons, but ultimately it helps an animal to survive and reproduce.

Many of the creatures that we find in the rock pools are excellent at camouflage. Here are a few images of marine animals that are superb at blending into their environment.

Octopus in rock-pool © Shark Education Centre | Save Our Seas Foundation

Octopuses are masters of disguise and can change the colour and pattern on their skin to blend into their surroundings. Can you spot the octopus curled up in the middle of this rock pool? There it is!

Close up of Octopus © Shark Education Centre | Save Our Seas Foundation

A sea hare looking like a small piece of wet kelp in a Dalebrook rock pool.

Sea Hare © Shark Education Centre | Save Our Seas Foundation

A decorator crab uses sponges and algae to camouflage itself on coral reef in Thailand.

Decorator Crab © Ekkapan Poddamrong | Shutterstock

A golden leafy sea dragon disguised as a kelp frond in a kelp forest off Australia.

Golden Leafy Seadragon © AShtonEa | Shutterstock

This red scorpionfish is doing its best to look inconspicuous.

Great rockfish © scubaluna | Shutterstock

This flatfish is doing an excellent job of making itself indistinguishable from the surrounding sea sand.

Flatfish © Supermaw | Shutterstock

One of the smallest, and possibly cutest, marine animals, this pygmy seahorse hides out among corals in Indonesia.

Pygmy Seahorse © Subphoto | Shutterstock