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SOSF-DRC Management

Who we are

Since its inception in 2012, the SOSF-DRC has been managed and run by different people in various capacities. Lab managers, research officers and research assistants have been integral to the daily operations of the centre over these years and our long-term projects have been handed on from past to present management.

Currently the SOSF-DRC is run by Dr Robert Bullock and Henriette Grimmel in a joint-management capacity.

The following is a history of past management staff:

  • Dr Rainer von Brandis (scientific director) 2006/2012–2016, previously did his PhD on D’Arros and managed the research lab for the previous owners of the island
  • Chris Boyes (lab manager, then research officer) 2013–2015
  • Kerryn Bullock (research assistant, then assistant lab manager) 2015–2016
  • Dr Ryan Daly (research officer, then scientific director/research director) 2016–2018
  • Clare Keating (research officer, then programme director) 2016–2018

Where we work

Our ‘office’ is first and foremost the waters around D’Arros Island and St Joseph Atoll. But it’s not all swimming in the ocean; on D’Arros we have our dry lab where we store and analyse all the data we collect. Here we also work on our computers to answer e-mails (such as an enquiry from you) or write up a paper. Next to the dry lab is the wet lab, where we store our equipment and samples and keep some specialised equipment for analysing samples.

What we do

We run the day-to-day operations of the SOSF-DRC and all ongoing long-term projects. We also assist general island operations where necessary and host visiting researchers and students who come to D’Arros for targeted projects. We support them with their research during the time they are on island.

Our projects

Project See project and more news
Project See project and more news
Project See project and more news
Project See project and more news
Project See project and more news