About us

Our Philosophy

  • Vision 

To be a centre of excellence for marine and tropical island conservation.


  • Mission

To preserve and showcase the ecological integrity of D’Arros Island and St Joseph Atoll through research, monitoring, restoration and education.


Thanks to their biological diversity and abundance, D’Arros Island and its sister atoll St Joseph are an outstanding ocean observatory for scientific research and discovery.

Since its inception the SOSF-DRC, in collaboration with numerous international institutions, has initiated seven long-term projects and more than 20 targeted research projects. These diverse projects have focused mostly on threatened species such as sharks, turtles, seabirds, fishes and corals, but they have also included habitat assessments, feasibility surveys and oceanography.

Long-term projects are run by SOSF-DRC management and staff and aim to collect data over long periods of time that enable us to better understand ecological processes and complexities. Targeted projects are run by students, scientists or experts from around the globe and are subject to the approval of the Save Our Seas Foundation’s advisory board on an annual basis. All projects are required to have significant conservation or novel science value and focus on specific questions about key species that contribute to their conservation.

Abundant reef fish of D'Arros and St Joseph. Photo © Ryan Daly