Meet the team

The D’Arros Research Centre team consists of four people, Clare and Ryan Daly and two research assistants, who work together to achieve the objectives of the various research and monitoring projects on D’Arros and St Joseph Atoll and to support a string of visiting scientists and students.

DALY Ryan Final 1000x1000Dr Ryan Daly

Research Director

As a child growing up along the coast of South Africa, Ryan spent every spare moment surfing, diving and exploring the shoreline and rock pools of South Africa. After gaining a Bachelor’s degree in zoology and ocean and atmosphere science from the University of Cape Town, he completed his Master’s degree in marine biology at Rhodes University, South Africa. Between 2010 and 2015 he led studies on the ecology and migration dynamics of bull sharks and tiger sharks in southern Mozambique which continue today. The work on bull sharks earned him his PhD from Rhodes University in South Africa in 2014. Ryan’s current research interests include marine conservation, shark ecology, migration and behavioural patterns, predator–prey interactions and the habitat use and aggregation dynamics of keystone teleost species.

DALY Clare Final 1000x1000

Clare Keating Daly

Program Director

Clare’s affinity for the ocean comes as a surprise to some people. She spent her childhood exploring forests and streams in her native Minnesota in the USA, far from the tide pools and ocean creatures that usually draw people to the ocean. But soon after her first scuba dives in the shallow waters of the Caribbean, she realised that salt water was indeed the cure for anything. Before her starter career as a scuba instructor, Clare completed a Bachelor’s degree in business and economics at Colorado College in the USA. She then went on to teach diving in Thailand and the Philippines before moving to Mozambique to embark on a research project studying bull sharks and later tiger sharks. While working as a shark research assistant, Clare also conducted research on sustainable financing of marine protected areas in southern Mozambique, which earned her a Master’s degree in Commerce from Rhodes University. Her current research interests include marine protected areas, conservation finance and nearly anything to do with birds.

Ryan and Clare joined the D’Arros Research Centre in 2016 in the position of lab managers. As a team, they have been involved in research projects in dynamic environments from the Philippines to Mozambique. By applying their combined skills, they help the D’Arros Research Centre further its position as a regional centre for research excellence.