Sea turtles

Falling in love with sea turtles from Save Our Seas Foundation on Vimeo.

Turtles are some of the oldest creatures on the planet. They have paddled through our oceans for at least 100 million years and during that time they have been slowly evolving along with the rest of the planet. In the last few centuries however, change has been happening a lot faster and these aquatic dinosaurs are struggling to keep up. Rainer von Brandis describes the seminal moment for his career as a turtle biologist.

Green turtles from Save Our Seas Foundation on Vimeo.

Green turtles are the second biggest sea turtle species. Thousands of these large reptiles congregate at Europa Atoll in the western Indian Ocean. Turtle biologist, Rainer Von Brandis describes the lifecycle of these aquatic dinosaurs.

Turtle Romance from Save Our Seas Foundation on Vimeo.

For turtles, sex is a slow, highly competitive and potentially undignified affair. Copulating couples are often rudely interrupted by the determined intrusion of another male.