Where we are

Shark Education Centre facilities

Revamped aquarium tank
A small-scale version of the underwater life found outside our front door in the Dalebrook marine sanctuary.

Touch pool
Raining? High tide? Never mind! Here we have a small slice of rock-pool life for you to touch, feel and explore – no matter what is happening outside.

Microscope bench
A microscope that can show you – projected onto a big screen – tiny details of life that are beautiful and fascinating, but are often missed because they are so small. Let the creatures share their secrets.

Interactive murals
The building’s staircase has been transformed into the underwater realm, from the kelp forests out to the deep pelagic ocean. Come and marvel at the sharks and other animals that call these places home. There is even an opportunity to interact with the kelp forest!

Interactive table
A huge, high-tech, touch-screen table that is packed with top-of-the-range and unique shark software – games, immersive explorations, exciting features and multi-user capabilities. This is a one-of-a-kind exhibit, designed especially for the Shark Education Centre. It will keep you coming back for more.

Biofact displays
Always wondered what shark teeth look and feel like? How about their skin? Do sharks lay eggs? What do penguins feel like? Is whale-skin slippery? We have a collection of artefacts and touch-and-feel exhibits designed to answer exactly these questions.

Ship-themed classroom
A wonderful space for kids to start their adventure and get into the ocean-going spirit. The room has a big screen and its own entrance and will be the base for schools during their visit.

The main attractions and activities at the Shark Education Centre include: